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Oil Palm Plantations
Oil palm plantations is a core business of FBP. Its aim is to garner the best land in for plantation development.

Indonesia is blessed with a vast amount of fertile land that allows the country to develop oil palm plantations as a prime mover of economic growth. In 2006, Indonesia supplied 22% of the world's total vegetable oils and fats. The Indonesian Oil Palm Entrepreneur Union has now predicted that by 2010, Indonesia will be the world's number one palm oil producer.

The major concerns regarding shrinking supplies of non-renewable, fossil-based fuels and corresponding environmental preservation have presented a major market potential for development of alternative clean energy resources. Biofuel is now considered to be the next large resource that will replace fossil based fuel. Demand for green fuel is expected to become strong in Europe and America where the pressure to find clean, renewable energy is mounting daily. The European Union, for instance, targets a 5.75% and 20% rate of biofuel usage in that region by 2010 and 2020. The continuing rise in the price of fossil fuel will only add to the faster use of alternative clean energy resources in Indonesia. Such resources are considered practical already, and their use is fully supported by the House of Representatives.

Of the different types of vegetable oils, CPO is the most suitable candidate to be processed into biofuel. CPO has lower unit costs and greater substitution properties.

The Indonesian Government has also responded to the new energy trend with a Presidential Decree (Inpres No 1 Tahun 2006) on the Supply and Utilization of Bio-Fuel.
In response to the Decree, FBP is supporting the government in the development and utilization of biofuel and is now ready to enter this lucrative market. Supported by decades of experience and numerous dedicated experts in the oil palm plantation industry, as well as vast plantation areas and the utilization of high quality oil palm seeds, FBP can achieve a significant production level and cater to this new huge demand.

FBP has already reserved vast lands for plantations in Kalimantan and Papua.